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A fresh start

  Some months ago Sandra from Static and Silence  emailed asking if I was ever going to come back to this blog. I responded "Yes, some day soon".  'Some day' has arrived because our lovely Blue Mountains home passed onto new owners this week.   This means I now have one less home and garden to look after and hence time to renew acquaintance with my blog and blog friends.   The past year was interesting. Due to COVID restrictions, we were locked-out of our regional country home for three months! This gave us the time we needed to finalise the clean up and get the mountains home ready for sale. Just before we were locked-out I planned and planted a new vegetable garden.  This summer (being unusually wet) it's been a source of much delight and many fresh vegetables.  Fresh vegetables have come in handy because right now we are locked-in, having caught COVID this past week.  We were only mildly ill and now quite well with plenty of food to see our way through to the e