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Keeping up with the Kandosians

  Kandos, like many country towns, has large housing blocks with lots of lawn. The people here are also lawn proud with nearly every garden neatly mowed.  When the sun shines there is the ubiquitous sound of mowers buzzing around (there are few cars so no traffic noise).   Even with my newly acquired ride-on it is hard to keep up this spring, given all the rain.  A freshly mowed green lawn is a delight for the eyes but this patch of poppies I leave to grow wild. The roses are loving the rain too.  The spring flush is now coming out with big blooms on long stems, like this beauty.  

Resting in peace

This week my husband was in North Shore Private hospital which is near the historic Gore Hill Cemetry -- a quiet spot nestled among tall city buildings, the buzz of a busy highway and the hussle bussle of a big hospital complex.   I worked in a building over the road from this old cemetry for many years and remembered its wild tangle could be quite lovely in spring so went in to check it out.  


For the past week or two there have been spooks watching me from a neighbouring apartment. Being of an older generation before Halloween had taken on in Australia I am ambivalent about the celebration but it is nice to see people having fun. At night they take on a ghostly glow.   

The happy pessimist

  As a happy and content person I am also quite pessimistic.    Back at the end of August when I posted the daffodils I said "It isn't looking hopeful for tulips this year".   Now look at what is in the garden! It's easy to be super happy when expectations start low.


  I am no sports fan but the enthusiasm around town today was contagious.  Our local team the Penrith Panthers were playing in today's grand final.  Judging from the cheering going on outside right now, they won.