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There is an agistment paddock next to our bush block. The most recent arrivals have been a flock of sheep.  When I saw her I thought, "My word you are a shaggy sheep".  I have since found out that some sheep breeds are self shedding so they don't need shearing.  My guess is that this is one of those.  But this has me wondering, "Why would they shed fleece at the start of winter when we are all putting on our woolly jumpers?" That then had me thinking about woolly jumpers.  I have knitted 10 or more jumpers for myself and hubby over the years but I don't do it anymore.  The upfront cost of buying all the wool for a jumper is high and I have a habit of getting fed up with the job and throwing it aside for a couple of years before it gets finished. It is cheaper and easier to just go buy something from the shop though I do miss the mesmerising relaxation of knitting. Have you knitted jumpers?  Do you still do so?

By the river

  I am an inland girl so love lakes and rivers.  This weekend found us at Dubbo sitting by the Macquarie River as the sun set. I know you can like both but are you primarily a freshwater or saltwater person?

A little trip

This week we did another of our little train trips away, this time to Albury for a few days.  It is the home to a very long covered railway platform which goes on for some 450 metres.  Albury is close to the border between NSW and Victoria and these states traditionally have different gauge railway tracks.  The NSW trains come through on left side and Victorian trains on the right. Back in the old days they transferred everything from one train to the other at this platform but since 1962 there has been a standard gauge line through to Melbourne. We had an enjoyable stay finding plenty of places to eat and a few bookshops and art galleries to keep us happy. Eating lunch at the vine covered terrace cafe at the regional art gallery I saw plenty of others out in the park enjoying the autumn sun. It was not a long walk along the main street to the Botanical Gardens when I was disappointed to find that autumn was not quite into full swing so not a lot of colour but lovely gardens nonetheles


  It is such a wonderful time of year.  The dahlias in my garden are flowering beautifully. The leaves are beginning to change colour dramatically.  As we drive along the highways the golden poplar trees are like giant candle flames. The sun is shining brightly but is not hot. I am intoxicated with the season's delights. I am like the little honeyeaters in the sage outside my kitchen door, coming back for more.  And more.