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While in the city this week we went to the Kandinsky exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.  I really enjoyed it.

Public gardens

This week we were back at home in Kandos.  When I dropped by the post office to pick up the mail I took this snap of the garden in our main street. It's looking really pretty right now. I appreciate the work the council does to create and maintain the public spaces, they give a town pride. Here is the other direction down the main street.  Just in case you are worried, there is a walkway across the garden, I wasn't tramping on the flowers to stand in the middle of it.

An outing

 It was a city week for us last week with not much going on. We took a little outing to Darling Harbour.


  After the beautiful spring flush of roses the next job is deadheading so more flowers will come back to replace them.  I had to chop of hundreds and hundreds of them, quite a job. The red ones along the path flower later than the rest so are still looking good.