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City vs Country

  Have you seen the spectacular sunsets lately? I caught this one yesterday evening at Kandos. I didn't post last week because I am spending quite a lot of time in our Penrith apartment and always have trouble seeing photos in the city. Perhaps as I get out walking more I will find things that excite my eye. And I am ever hopeful that in the Spring we might get away Sweet Wayfaring again.

Lots of water

 The rain is back! This photo of Windemere Dam was taken a week or so ago when the sun was shining.  It was the first time in months that we had driven from Kandos to Mudgee.  The interesting thing about this dam is that is is currently only 60% full, one of the few WaterNSW dams that is not right up to the brim at 100% because water is released downstream on a regular basis. Below is a photo I took from the train between Penrith and the Sydney city today. With heavy rains, the dams overflowing and water logged land, low lying areas are flooding again. As Hanrahan said after the drought: And every creek a banker ran, And dams filled overtop; "We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan, "If this rain doesn't stop."