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Walking down Penrith High Street last week I was delighted to find a former Commonwealth Bank branch has turned into Harry Hartog Booksellers.  Now who needs a bank branch (there are plenty more in Penrith) when you can have a bookshop and cafe instead!   There is a good selection of interesting books so I will be back quite often I expect even though it is a longish walk to get there. For the moment however I think Abbey's Bookstore in York Street, Sydney (over the road from the QVB) remains my absolute favourite.  They stock all the types of books my husband and I love and are far enough from home to keep our book buying habit under control.  Book buying in turn becomes a book storing matter because when we moved house we came to terms with getting rid of all sorts of clutter but the books didn't make the cut.   Do you have a favourite bookshop? Do you keep the books you buy?

The aftermath

  Winter has arrived but before it settles in completely we have the aftermath of autumn to deal with.  I took the shot above when walking around the city recently.  The big leaves of plane trees plastered on wet city pavements are a feature of city life.  Below is the country version. In my garden I am waiting for the leaves to finishing falling then I will mow over them and in a few places blow them onto the garden beds.  I don't enjoy raking or sweeping leaves so I don't do it.   How about you?