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A surprise

Our first year at home in Kandos there were daffodils in the garden.  Then the drought came and there have been almost no blooms for the next three years, just leaves.  So you can imagine my surprise and delight to find a host of golden daffodils appear this year.  Two years ago tulips flowered in this garden bed but it isn't looking hopeful for any this year.  Gardens are mostly a mystery to me, so always a bit of a surprise. With spring around the corner the world always looks brighter so I will hang in with the blog a while longer. Thanks for your encouragement to continue.


I have been gone for quite a while because my life has been a bit of a muddle lately.  I am still figuring out the rhythm of things now we have the home unit in Penrith.  I am also debating whether I want to continue with social media.   We decided to take a break from it all and escape to Kiama for a couple of days.