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Window cleaning

  I have been thinking about window cleaning lately.  These fellows were busily cleaning windows at our apartment in Penrith the other week. I am glad I don't need to hang off a rope to clean the windows at my home in Kandos but that doesn't make me do them any sooner! I think window cleaning once a year is good enough.  How about you? That is despite the windows making the lovely sunsets at this time of year clearer. Today, being Anzac Day, I paused "At the going down of the sun" to remember them (because dawn is too early for me).

Seasonal Change

The weather is getting colder so I have begun the seasonal change -- lighting log fires, cooking warm soups and casseroles,  starting craft projects, watching the leaves change colour and admiring the dahlias. Is there a seasonal change of activities at your place?

Just Don't

  When I saw this overgrown path to Leila's shop in Rylstone this week I was reminded that this same cats-claw creeper was growing over an outbuilding at my childhood home.  It eventually took over and was the only thing holding the old building together in the end. While is has a glorious display of yellow trumpet flowers in spring it is too vigorous.  Just don't plant this one. Are there other vines in your experience that are bit too exuberant to risk?