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This week we made our last trip into the city for what I expect will be a while.  At midday we were the only people at the Lawson railway platform.  The train was also nearly empty. We would not have braved this trip, especially on public transport, but my husband really did need to see his eye doctor and needs me as his seeing eye person after his appointment.  So I took this opportunity to check out what things were like in the city.   The few people still there were respecting the social distancing guidelines. Going home at 4:30pm which is usually the onset of peak hour rather unbelievably the corridors at Central we all but empty, like it was midnight. I know many, many people have had their lives turned upside down by the current events.  At this point mine is barely changed.   We are retired and I am by nature a solitary person with plenty to do at home.  The thing I will miss however is going to church each week. Last Sunday we went to

Filling the gaps

A month or two ago we moved more of our furniture from our mountains house to our Kandos house. For example, we moved this old kitchen cabinet which matches the table and chairs I showed last week.  This however has left some gaps at our original home which we want to be furnished when we put it up for sale. Moving things about I was able to make everything look acceptable except for the space left by this cabinet.  Then I had a bright idea, my husband had another one down in his workshop which he and his father used for tools and other man junk. I wrestled it from him, painted over the 1950s green and a lovely new cabinet emerged, perfect for filling the gap and even the glass matches the colour scheme. There is another wall that is a bit too blank.  I am busily doing the quilting on this  top that I made 25 years ago to fill that space. You might have guessed I like old houses and eclectic old furnishings - especially those with memories.  

Shadows of the past

Here are three stories from this week that had me thinking of things in the past reflected in my today world. Bygone trees At the moment there are lots yellow autumn crocus popping up in my Kandos garden.  The ones in the lawn whisper of past trees that they used to circle. A Father's Patience This old scrubbed pine kitchen table was in my childhood home and for the past 28 years has been in in our kitchen at Lawson. Whenever brothers and sisters have visited we have enjoyed gathering around the table reminiscing. Even though we are downsizing it's too special to be discarded so has become our dining table at Kandos and I have been giving the paintwork a spruce up.  While painting I noticed the many running repairs done to the two chairs on the left.  It made me think of my Dad fixing chairs on the front verandah and the countless number of times we children were admonished for tipping the chairs because they would break. As the family grew bigger the bench


Waves of grass rather than ocean waves.  There is a section of my garden at Rose Orchard Haus that I don't mow because I like to watch the seed heads flowing in the breeze, I have a good view of them from my kitchen window.  I just hope they are not serrated tussock or some other nasty grass that we are meant to eradicate.  If it is please let me know. I was thinking of waves because of a book I have been "reading" recently The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle.  I am much more of an inland person than a sea person but I nonetheless enjoyed this book. Grace ( from Perth Daily Photo ) commented on a recent post suggesting this book to me so I checked out whether the local library had a copy.  It turned out they had an eAudio version which I downloaded. It is a long time since I listened to a book so it was like a new experience.  I find it's a very slow way to "read" but quite relaxing, perfect for travelling on the train or doing some calm housew

It's showtime

Today I am participating in the City Daily Photo Theme Day on Municipal Buildings Most country shires are gone, having been amalgamated, Rylstone is now part of Mid-Western Regional Council. But a couple of doors down the street the annual agricultural show continues, last weekend it was its 82 year. With the drought and fires it's been a tough year for the farming community but recent rain put a smile on everyone's face. In the pavilion there were the usual crops, flowers, art, craft, fleeces and more. Show day is a day for celebrating all things country by pulling on your best cowboy boots and hat. Out in the show ring the horse riding entertains and the wood chips fly. The kids head down to side show alley and the big boys also have their toys. It's a great day for hanging around and watching. This year we were joined by personnel from the Australia and Indonesian defence forces who've been helping with the rebuilding effor