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I'm in awe

I am well aware of the sun getting higher and lower in the sky with the seasons but until I moved here hadn't much thought of the movement of the sun horizontally with the seasons.  It is now tracking back across the horizon and for the past couple of nights set right behind the mountain in the distance. No clouds, no rain. A book I have read recently I read Riders in the Chariot by Patrick White because it was on the Australian list and was rather looking forward to it because on reading Tree of Man by White a year ago I was blown away by his writing.  This one didn't disappoint - the four characters with their intertwined lives were wonderful.  I am in awe.

I'm smiling

This mural by  Michael Lynn  under the railway bridge at Hazelbrook always makes me smile.  It's based on a photograph of Terrace Falls in 1904 .  It's photo realistic but wasn't the world black and white back then? It's a long time since since I walked to these falls and a bit too strenuous for me to do it again ... a shame because it is a lovely waterfall. Participating in Mural Monday at Sami's Colourful World .

I'm glad

I'm glad we went to Mudgee on Friday.  The street trees are putting on their spring display. Reflection: Psalm 100:1-2 New International Version (NIV) "Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

The Land Beyond

This is a glimpse at the land beyond the Blue Mountains to the west.  A book I have read recently I watched series 1 of the TV series of The Handmaid's Tale with dismay, all the while hoping that Offred would manage an escape to the land beyond Gilead.  The TV series is based the dystopian novel  The Handmaid's Tale by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. When there was a series 2 of the TV series I started to watch hoping for a good outcome but it was soon clear that Offred was ending up in the clutches of Aunt Lydia again!  I couldn't bear to watch any more. With series 3 released  I had a niggling question, where did the story as written end? So I read the book which was a pleasure and while the conclusion was open I found it more satisfying then more hours of nail biting TV.


The daffodils are dancing at Burnbrae - in a very brisk cold wind (that's August for you).  I had planned to collect a pre-spring bouquet to photograph but it's freezing out there today so found a photo from last year instead. The bouquet could have contained camellias, forget-me-nots, daffodils, jonquils, japonica, peris and violets.

More Katoomba Street Art

Another lovely mural in the Katoomba Street Art Walk .  This one is done by local artist Krimsone who has a growing body of beautiful street art here in the the mountains and elsewhere. Participating in Sami's Colourfulworld Monday Murals .

Old Stuff 38

I am totally in love with my slow combustion wood stove.  Corn fritters for lunch ... yum.

Monkey's Mask

No it's not a monkey, it's a possum - surprisingly out and about during the daytime.  The title of today's post is based on my book for this week. A book I have read recently The Monkey's Mask by Dorothy Porter.  I ordered it from the library just because it was the next on the Australian book list, hence it came as a surprise to discover it was an Australian erotic lesbian murder mystery verse novel.  Australian was the only thing in that description that resonated with me.  Nonetheless, it was short so I dipped in and found it an enjoyable read finished in one sitting.  I might try another verse novel one day.

Smiling at Sticks

It is with some relief that I can report that the annual pruning is finished.  Now we wait for the sticks to burst forth with flowers and leaves. At Burnbrae (Blue Mountains garden) the daffodils are in flower.  Here at Rose Orchard Haus (Kandos) the bulb shoots are only just now coming through.  I am not sure what has caused this delay. The neighbour says the same is happening in her garden. My thinking it's either the drought or the delayed start to winter as we had a very warm June.  At Whistler's Rest (Clandulla) the wattle is now in bloom though I'm not expecting much of a spring display of native flowers because it's super dry there.

A Surprise

While my husband was visiting a medical specialist in Katoomba I decided to take a walk to check out the Morris and Sons  wool and needlework shop which is at the end of town I rarely visit. On the way this attractive mural caught my eye.  I was surprised to find there is a whole laneway of excellent quality murals.  I will be back to show you more. Participating in Colourfulworld's Monday Mural. A poem for today Figures in a Paddock by John Kinsella.  I am fond of Kinsella's poetry.


It's cold outside.  After a look at the weather forecast we decided to be in our Kandos home this weekend.  While Lawson and Kandos are both at 700 metres elevation so have somewhat similar weather, the Kandos house is much easier to heat being a smaller home with smaller rooms and lower ceilings. After one look outside this morning when I took this photo (from inside) I decided to not budge out there all day.  For a brief time around midday it was even snowing - a rare event. The good news you can see in this photo, the almond tree is in blossom - spring is on its way. Reflection: Micah 7:7 New International Version (NIV) "But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."