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Showing posts from May, 2022

Season of mists

  The season of mists has certainly delivered mellow fruitfulness this year.  The bountiful rain has kept the garden watered and producing with no effort from me.  I have not grown pumpkins before but hubby decided to sow some seeds from store bought pumpkin and I was surprised to get such good results (this is only part of the crop).  Lots of pumpkin soup coming up. The mists are certainly still about.  Most mornings we are waking to dense fog which is currently keeping the frost at bay.  Since this week we tick over to winter I wonder what it will hold - more rain they are predicting.  I am wondering whether we are getting rather too much of a good thing.  But looking on the bright side a wet winter usually means a warmer one.

Contemporary Art

It is not a COVID queue, nor is it a queue at the election booth, it is people lining up for The Longest Hum by Tina Stefanou.  It is all part of the fun at the Cementa22 Contemporary Art Festival being held at Kandos this weekend. I have not engaged with the festival because my husband had surgery this week and needs my attention.  But also, I find contemporary art is too wayout for my taste.   Do you find it difficult to understand or engaging?

Autumn colour

Autumn comes in dribs and drabs at Rose Orchard Haus. We get more colour from the patch of late flowering gladiolus than from the trees.    Because of all the wet weather the dahlias have been fabulous this year. The tree dahlia always delivers the last dahlia burst.   When it flowers it’s a signal to expect big frosts soon - which will turn the whole plant black.  I will enjoy it for its few days of delight    What brings Autumn colour to your garden?

Silver linings

They say that every cloud has a silver lining but of course that is simply not true physically nor metaphorically. Hence I was pleased to see a cloud that really did have a silver lining this week.   Sunsets in Autumn are usually beautiful, especially as they coincide with my daily 'quiet time'.  My breath is often taken away when I look up from reading or writing to see how the sky has transformed in just a matter of minutes.

Furnishings over time

  This weekend I was in the mountains wrapping up various things related to our move and decided to have lunch at the Wayzgoose Cafe at Leura.  I notice it is now known as the Wayzgoose Diner and has moved from country heritage to 1950s diner.    This had me thinking how furnishing styles change. My own style is eclectic which means anything goes. We have pieces collected from family members ranging from the 1900s to more modern times but we seemed to have missed out the 1950s and 60s.  This is because our parents furnished their homes in the 1940s and we didn't set up house until the 1970s.   Do your furnishings and tastes lean towards a particular decade?