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Season of mists


The season of mists has certainly delivered mellow fruitfulness this year.  The bountiful rain has kept the garden watered and producing with no effort from me.  I have not grown pumpkins before but hubby decided to sow some seeds from store bought pumpkin and I was surprised to get such good results (this is only part of the crop).  Lots of pumpkin soup coming up.

The mists are certainly still about.  Most mornings we are waking to dense fog which is currently keeping the frost at bay.  Since this week we tick over to winter I wonder what it will hold - more rain they are predicting.  I am wondering whether we are getting rather too much of a good thing.  But looking on the bright side a wet winter usually means a warmer one.


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    1. You are right. I think I will have to seek out a few more pumpkin recipes.


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