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Fruit harvest

This year the summer fruit harvest has me baffled.  The sweet plums which have always produced a bumper crop gave me not one single plum this year.   The apricots which have not provided any fruit for four or five years gave me this small but very delicious harvest. Why has this happened?  I dunno. The citrus trees are just about at the end of their time. Lemons are dropping off the tree daily.  

Finished at last

When I first retired I decided to finish some old embroideries which had been languishing unfinished for about 20 years.  After completing the embroidery they then went on to languish a further four years because I had to do the lace edging.  My Mum always used to do that bit for me.   Eventually I decided it was time I learned how to crotchet but I found it very difficult to do with fine thread (it's easy enough with wool).  When I sent my sister a photo of the finished piece, she congratulated me on trying but reckoned it looked like our blind Nana had done it -- I agree.  So for the second piece I reverted to tatting which I do know how to do properly   Ah, that’s much better.

Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs

  You will be beginning to think I spend my days being a tourist!  This week we went to another exhibition, the block buster Egyptian exhibition currently at the Australian Museum in Sydney.  There were many ancient and wonderful things displayed in moody dark rooms with great explanatory audio visuals. While man is clever, I think nature is even more wondrous, check out these butterflies from the museum's public galleries.