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Myall Shores

Myall Shores Camping Area

That's better.  We are here for a week or so so I expect there will be lots of watery shots coming up.
I've found there is no mobile reception but wi-fi if I trudge up the hill -- so reading, knitting and navel gazing for a while.

A book I have read recently
"My Brother Jack" by David Meredith
I am working my way through Australian Classics.  This is a good one, very readable.
I remember it was set as a school English text in my brother's year.  It was 1970s Queensland, the censorship era, so they had a "student edition".  I would love to look at it, because I can't quite figure our how they would keep the story moving along properly without the sex.


  1. Myall Lakes looks a perfect spot to camp for a week.
    I also had to read My Brother Jack at High School. Alas, can't remember much about it.

    1. Ha ha. If they had kept the sex in it you might have remembered it better. Noting that you live in Queensland so got the student edition.


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