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Pale Yellow Robin
These lovely little robins are frequenting our Kandos garden at the moment.

Now I am photographing again, I have resumed the often frustrating activity of stalking birds to grab a shot. I am hoping to publish more over the coming weeks.


  1. I just recently saw photos of yellow robins. Unusual!!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. There seem to be yellow robins in our Kandos garden a lot of the year. We are quite new to this garden so I am only just now getting to observe the birds closely and what time of year they visit. Often the small birds like this migrate through our mountain garden to the south for the Summer - I am delighted to occasionally see red robins, pink robins and yellow robins in the mountain garden at this time of year. There are apparently two types of yellow robin, this pale yellow robin and another one called a yellow robin.

  2. Your Robins are a distinctly different bird from the large, yellow beaked, red breasted robins we have here in North America. What a charming little friend!


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