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It is cold and grey outside and there is still little sign of the garden waking from its winter sleep.  So here is a photo of the pines on the street front of Burnbrae garden.


  1. Trees always look good Elizabeth, even as scarecrows in winter, not that the pines get naked 😊 We had the most miserable cold day here in Perth, quite surprising because it hasn't been too bad lately. Did I hear that you had some rain at last, it's been a while hasn't it?

    1. Burnbrae garden is blessed with many magnificent trees. I am so glad to have them. According to neighbours the this stand of pines is 40 years old.

      Yes we have had some light rain which is welcome. However Burnbrae garden had not felt too much of the drought to date, it is still quite green. A different story in my other gardens. I am going out there this week and hopefully will find water in the rain gauge.


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