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Golden Wattle

It's wattle time in the forests and Whistlers Rest. I really like the bright splashes of yellow among the trees.

A book I have read
I am on a mission to fill in gaps in my reading of classics so this week tackled Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I enjoyed it and its masterful writing but it got me thinking.  I have previously mentioned the censorship of school texts in 1970s Queensland.  I am fairly sure this was included in the school curriculum unabridged (no sex).  But reading it today I figured today's sensibilities would censor it for the domestic violence.  I googled and sure enough some schools the USA have banned it


  1. I am so enjoying your daily posts Joan.
    I am quite surprised by the Wuthering Heights censorship, both past and present.

    1. Thanks Helen. I am enjoying the luxury of having enough time to blog regularly again.

  2. The wattle was out in our Sydney front yard at this time too. We planted these bushes about 5 years ago and it was the best showing we've had.

    Shame to hear a book kikl Wuthering Heights getting banned. If they want to ban something destructive to childhood then start with violent video games.

    1. Wattles are such a wonderful addition to a garden but sadly they don’t last many years. I have loved and removed 3 from Burnbrae garden over the years.

      The world of today seems to be in a muddle about lots of things. But I guess it was always so as ideologies shift over time.


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