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I think I am solar charged, the sunshine and warmth of spring brings on a buzz of spring cleaning.  I am so happy this week because I have cleaned and oiled the verandah at Burnbrae.  One job down a zillion to go.

A poem for today
I wracked my brain for a different verandah poem but I could not go past Country Towns by Kenneth Slessor for this memorable stanza
"Verandas baked with musky sleep, 
Mulberry faces dozing deep, 
And dogs that lick the sunlight up 
Like paste of gold – or, roused in vain 
By far, mysterious buggy-wheels, 
Lower their ears, and drowse again."

I'm looking foward to summer when all the cleaning is done and I can doze away warm days on the verandah.


  1. Good job ... and a nice stanza. I always get energized by accomplishing the big ones that I don't really want to take on. Visitors lately have meant I've caught up on overdue maintenance. Satisfying but tiring.

    1. My sister is visiting tomorrow so I have been busily painting the chook pen to show off my progress.

  2. Ah spring cleaning.. I have to get onto that 😊 Your veranda looks gorgeous, all ready for another summer.

    1. I never used to spring clean but have discovered that a program of annual maintence really does make a difference. It takes me forever however, I start now and won't be done until Christmas. It is a little slower because I am also trying deciding how to downsize to our Kandos house so evaluating everything to decide what I can do away with.


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