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Natures Art

Coachwood Glen Nature Trail, Megalong Valley
We went on a drive down Megalong Valley on the weekend and I took quick stroll down the Coachwood Glen track.  I like this track because it is a rain forest walk without going down a zillion steps that have to be climbed back up again.

A book I have read recently
Last year I read  Everywhere I Look by Helen Garner and enjoyed it.  So when I saw her collected non fiction True Stories when we were doing our annual Christmas book buying spree I picked it up. I am only now getting around to reading it and will be a while getting through its 600+ pages but what I have read thus far I am enjoying immensely.  I enjoy reading personal essays.


  1. I love that you labelled this image as art! I am also grateful that I, too, got into photography because it has sharpened my powers of observation. I just ordered the Garner book you recommended from my local library. Thank you!!

    1. I am glad I have returned to photography for the same reason. Life became a blur when I got too preoccupied to do it. I hope you enjoy the book, she has a very Australian voice. I like it because we are of a similar age (she is a little older) so lived through the same times though her path through them is often very different from mine.

  2. I love the effortless shapes that nature creates


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