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The show continues

The spring flower show has moved onto the plum at Rose Orchard Haus.  There is still no sign of daffodils in this garden but the hyacinths have at last decided to flower.

My 'chook pen' writing studio at the back is getting closer to completion. I will start painting it soon.


  1. Blossoming flowers and shrubs always are a cheerful and welcome scene. What is a "chook pen?" Great to have a writing studio!!

    1. In Australia hens are known as chooks. The little shed was
      previously used to house the hens roosts and nesting boxes. It is a decent size 4 x 2.5 meters. 13 x 8 ft. and of solid construction and has a window on one side. So with a good clean up, some structural repairs to make it more weather proof and a paint job it will be perfect.

  2. JE, You will have to post photos of you "little writing shed" when you finish it! Such luxury to have a shed of your own!!

  3. Can't wait to see the chook pen painted up Joan Elizabeth, what a lovely little retreat 💙


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