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Vintage 11

Old shop, Gulgong NSW
We have been busy all week so decided to reward ourselves with a nice drive this afternoon.  Went to Gulgong, an old gold town about 90kms from Kandos.  It is joyful driving around the countryside at the moment because it currently all dressed in spring green,


  1. I love that corrugated iron roof.

  2. This looks like a great place to explore. There are a lot of old towns like this in the western U.S. Some were completely abandoned, others that have gone on after the gold rush.

    1. In Australia some have gone on and others disappeared - many of the gold towns were tent towns or built in timber and been plundered or decayed. We don't have a lot of ghost towns as such where intact buildings remain. When I was on a driving holiday in western USA quite a few years ago when we got off the highway I was surprised to find whole towns that seemed to be boarded up.


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