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I really liked this roadside cutting on the road to Bandanon.  I imagined it done an artistic print.
Beautiful art is uplifting which is more than I can say about this week's book.

A book I have read recently
Another older book from the Australian list, Power without Glory by Frank Hardy.  This is a long 700+ pages novel which is apparently a thinly disguised portrait of a real person who lived and ruled in Victoria around 1900-1950.  It covers his early life as a gangster (from which he built his riches) to his later life as a major political influencer (using largess from his ill gotten gains) and his failed family life.   It starts off at a great pace and slows down with all of the detail of his political manoeuvring.   I guess the awful realisation is the extent to which money can buy power, even in the hands of quite unsavoury characters.


  1. Yes, I agree, money can buy too much. And as I understand not only these days...

  2. I'd love to know the geology of that road cut. It looks to represent some distinct and different eras.

    1. The geology would be interesting. I am fascinated by the way the roots pop out at the bottom of the rock.

  3. That really does make an interesting image Joan Elizabeth, how amazing to see the roots of the trees pushing through at the bottom ✨


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