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Bygone times

Railway station, Lue
This week we were driving through Lue (pronounced Loo-ee) which is between Mudgee and Kandos/Rylstone.  I remembered the excitement of my first photoshoot there in 2009.  It's hard to get that 'first time seen' energy back so I dug into my archives for this one.  The railway station is part of bygone times. 

This week's book is also very much bygone times too.

A book I have read recently
I have been reading my way through this one for ages. It is a very long (800+ pages), Middlemarch by George Eliot. Set in Britain in the 1830s, it has interesting characters and insights into the society, occupations, manners and cares of the times. Full of wisdom and beautifully written - no wonder it turns up on all of the lists. 

I started this one as an ebook (it was going slowly) but picked up a copy in a second hand bookshop when I was on holiday and romped along happily after that.  This is a book destined to stay on my bookshelf.


  1. The tracks have become quite overgrown.

  2. Replies
    1. I like it too. The light on the grass makes it.

  3. Romantic. Beautiful details put into the roof of the station. I would love to see the inside.

    1. I think it is boarded up, as are most of the disused stations on this line.

  4. It's a sweet little station though Joan Elizabeth.. my romantic imagination has taken me right back to thinking what its passengers might have looked like back in the day 😊


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