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Welcome to Winter - Frost

Back at Rose Orchard Haus things are not so colourful.  We are getting regular frosty mornings and all of the fallen leaves are now brown.  My husband won't let me pull out the dead sunflowers yet ... he say's they are sculptural and he likes looking at them.


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    1. Judging from the comments it looks like I am outvoted on this.

  2. Your Husband is right :-)
    Brrrr, to see the frost is not so nice!

  3. I still like seeing sunflowers after their peak.

  4. Birds are happy to feed on the sunflowers until they're well picked over. I hate to give up on them until they're about to collapse completely. Mine are just starting to sprout.

    1. I remember you telling me to leave them so I did, they are fully picked over now. Enjoy your flowers.


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