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Springing Along

Things are springing along on our gardens, we have even had a welcome sprinkle of rain recently. Spring is behaving in its normal fickle way - warm and wonderful one day and cold the next.

At Kandos some of the fruit trees are blossoming, freesias are starting to flower, as are sweet peas, poppies and other spring bulbs.  The roses are also shooting out leaves.

In the mountains the daffodils are nearing their end, camellias are still powering along, the maple leaves are unfurling, the crab apple trees are building up their buds and the cherry blossom is still a little while away.


  1. lucky your seasons come slowly. we go from winter to summer too quickly.

    1. The cost of a lovely spring is the winter that precedes it. I am just getting impatient for winter to fully disappear but it never does until well into October.

  2. I am glad I can have spring through your blog (whilst here... ).

  3. Sounds like spring is bursting out profusely Joan Elizabeth, it always fascinates me that despite the weather those spring blooms will always flower, even if for just a short time 🌼🌸🌺🌷🌹

  4. Lovely to see. Very little evidence here. Dreadful westerlies, dust storms and bushfires.


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