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Weather watch

OK it's another blog post about the weather ...  but the transformation with the rain is just too exciting to miss.

After the big rain we have had continuing showers one of which delivered this spectacular light show during my customary sunset watch as Rose Orchard Haus.

And look at what has happened to the grass - remember it has been brown for many many months.

The roses that steadfastly refused to flower all summer have now they burst into life. It's so nice to have them on the hall table again.

And I had given up hope of having any oranges this year because the fruit created by the spring flowering all fell off the tree.   Now nature has delighted me with a second flowering.

I said to my husband, all we need now is bees and they turned up too.  Talking of bees and orange trees here is:

A book I have read recently

I loved Melissa Ashley's debut novel The Birdman's Wife so was immediately tempted by this new one I saw in the bookshop last week.  It is another exploration of a historical female. Being Parisian rather than Australian I found it less engaging but it was nonetheless a good read.


  1. It's very hard not to talk about the weather when it is as extreme as ours is Joan Elizabeth, I tend to also 😊 oh that glorious rain, how fab it is when nature responds to the rain. According to the Perth weather forecast we might get some in the next few days but I'm not holding my breath! I enjoyed the first mango off my tree today, there are four more to come, which I believe is not bad for such a young tree, it's only two years old. I like the sound of the book you mentioned. I'm reading a book called 'The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle' by Sophie Green, I think you would enjoy it ✨

  2. Your first photo is so dramatic, especially since rain is so overdue. I'm pleased to hear that it's bringing everything back to life. I've seen that in drought-stricken California and been delighted to see such resurrection.

  3. The transformation has been amazing. Our grass too is nice and green and growing lushly. Trees are sprouting new leaves and the citrus trees covered in blossoms. Nature is certainly miraculous. I also enjoyed the Birdman's Wife, so will look out for the new book.

  4. That is a blessing considering how much your area needed the rain.

    Here we are waiting on a snowstorm due to bring in fifty centimetres of snow.

  5. The magic of rain! I am in totally in awe at how quickly the lands responds to a good drenching. My eyes are only just adapting to our depth of green after so many months of brown.


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