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This week it is two years since I retired so it seemed like an ideal time to reflect.

In the lead up to retirement I was somewhat worried about what it would be like and whether I could keep myself happy and occupied.  I needn't have worried. I threw myself into all sorts of projects that have been hanging around for years - craft, the gardens, furniture restoration and now I am attacking painting the doors and skirting boards at Rose Orchard Haus.

There has been plenty to do - too much activity actually and not enough time to reflect, write and dream.  I must look into that.   

We have also not travelled as much as we hoped - medical problems, fires and coronavirus have all got in our way so it is whole year since we took our caravan for a spin! We hope to rectify that in July.

Coronavirus update
We are now seeing an increase of visitors to regional NSW - just what the government ordered.  This week in our sleepy little town I have seen a number of caravans, more cars, lots of motorcycles at the pub and a group of bicycle riders resting in the park.

Out on the road there are heaps of caravans on the move.   I am thinking the caravan parks in NSW will be filled like those in outback Queensland usually are in winter (until the border is reopened).  I saw a news report saying the caravan parks in Dubbo are booked out for all of July.

We went to Mudgee on Friday and it was busy.  We couldn't get into any of our favourite cafes at lunch time.  With the reduced seating they were all full.  Also we are still not keen to go to busy spots.

The photo is of the tail end of Windermere Dam which we pass on the road to Mudgee. The dam is still 27% full.  


  1. I can see how busy your properties keep you Joan Elizabeth, but I think you do a marvelous job of balancing it with lots of reading, gardening I find relaxing I don't know how you feel about it 😉 We have been really lucky over here in the west but like yourself I still don't feel too comfortable with lots of people together, I think the majority of people are still being quite sensible ✨

  2. Like you, I found plenty to do once I retired from work. I loved my job (Solicitors' office) but I worked for a boss, so now I can do things to please myself. Also, my job was in the city and we had retired to the Mountains, so it would have been a long commute and I don't miss that!

  3. A beautiful photo of Lake Windermere, but how sad it is so low.


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