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Christmas cards

People don't send Christmas cards much these days.  My Mum used to send and receive around 100 every year.  When I was packing our old family home I found a cache of old cards which seemed too pretty to throw out.  They have languished in a drawer for the past 30 years.  Then this year I got the bright idea to create a display of the vintage Christmas cards.


  1. What a good idea. I find it hard to throw away Christmas cards received over the years.

  2. I keep my cards until the next year and then throw them out. I still send out a number of cards every year with an individual letter in each, written on the blank side of the card facing the printed message. It is an enormous job and I have just completed it for this year. I won't be able to continue it for much longer as I have arthritis in my fingers and it is painful to write. I do love receiving cards and displaying them around our home.

    1. I find doing a printed circular letter is much faster. I do add a personal note to some cards though.

  3. Replies
    1. They were lovey. Sadly now have to be put away for another year.


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