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Autumn in is full swing

The nerine bulbs are now flowering in abundance the garden. And the spring bulbs are beginning to lift their leaves.

April has been a busy month:

  • We took a train trip down and back to Melbourne where we visited the Titanic Exhibition. 
  • I have progressed some craft projects, the latest is a new patchwork quilt, busting some of my hoarded stash of fabrics
  • The dahlias have outdone themselves in the garden this year and were still flowering for a short visit from much loved friends from our uni days in Queensland
  • And hubby had yet another eye operation so we had a little sojourn at Bondi Junction this week.
We are now beginning to shut down for the winter.  It is cool enough to light the wood stove so lovely slow cooked soups and stews will be replacing salads for a few months.


  1. I made soup a few days ago. It made a change from the salads of summer.

  2. It's definitely autumn. Swapped over to my winter wardrobe. About to swap the doonas too.

  3. It has definitely now become cooler and I am wearing winter clothes. We had our first bowl of soup for the year at lunch today. Last week we went to chilly Blackheath and had lunch in the Victory Cafe which was nice and warm with the heaters on.

  4. I've not heard of Nerine bulbs but I will have to look them up as they are so cheerful. The high temperatures and humidity have left us but thankfully no cool or chilly weather here. I am enjoying working in the garden just so much.

  5. Its lovely to see the bulbs coming up, and the nerines are very pretty. It's still warm here, just very pleasant but cooler nights. Our recent trip to Victoria made us realise how cold the nights are and luckily we had extra quilts in the caravan which were needed as well as the air conditioning in the van. Now back home and I'll be making soup too.

  6. Sounds like you are settling in for winter in a comfortable way. Hope hubby recovers well..The dahlias are beautiful.


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