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Vintage 11

We have been busy all week so decided to reward ourselves with a nice drive this afternoon.  Went to Gulgong, an old gold town about 90kms from Kandos.  It is joyful driving around the countryside at the moment because it currently all dressed in spring green,

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Lake View 1

This is an early warning, you are going to see regular shots of this lake.  It is on the road between Rylstone and Mudgee and I love it.  The wonderful thing about lakes is how their water levels rise and fall and the water reflects the light and mood of the day.

Yesterday was a grey day, next time I drive that way it may be quite different.

On fruit

I got up early enough this morning to catch the pink sky.  This is the view to the west, the sun hides behind the big mountain to the east for an hour or so longer.  In this photo you can also see the orange tree, the blood plum in flower and the pears and walnut not yet blossoming.  With a potential bounty of fruit in season you will understand my choice of book for the week.

A book I have read recently
A Year in a Bottle  by Sally Wise -- how to make your own delicious preserves all year round.  I live in a back-in-time house and do things in the slow lane these days so a book like this is good for dreaming of what I could do but not what I actually do. I draw the line at preserving other than the very easy task of freezing the excess.  It's citrus season, I could make marmalade.  But truly when you actually make jam you realise how much sugar is in it and hence know it is to be eaten sparingly. If I made jam I would have to give it away.  Why do that when I can just as reliably …

Waking up

The first mow of the season done, the joy of watching Burnbrae garden wake up and the wonderful fragrances - daphne, wattle, violet and more.


I think I am solar charged, the sunshine and warmth of spring brings on a buzz of spring cleaning.  I am so happy this week because I have cleaned and oiled the verandah at Burnbrae.  One job down a zillion to go.
A poem for today I wracked my brain for a different verandah poem but I could not go past Country Towns by Kenneth Slessor for this memorable stanza "Verandas baked with musky sleep,  Mulberry faces dozing deep,  And dogs that lick the sunlight up  Like paste of gold – or, roused in vain  By far, mysterious buggy-wheels,  Lower their ears, and drowse again."
I'm looking foward to summer when all the cleaning is done and I can doze away warm days on the verandah.

Sunday drive

We had a free afternoon so it was time to reintroduce an old custom -- the Sunday drive

A Sunday drive involves picking a road, any road, and just mooching along seeing where it leads.  Neville Road has nice grazing properies, an olive farm and other lifestyle blocks all with lovely views of mountains in every direction but it was the wattles that caught my eye.
Reflection: Matthew 7:13 New International Version
"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it."

Little birds